Look: Strength | Maturity | Expressive
Work Ethics: Professional | Collaborative | Detail Oriented (Systematic Approach)
Hello. My name is Haemy (pronounced Hey-me).
I am a model based in Sacramento, California.
To portray the many different unique and beautiful moments of life
I am known for my dynamic posing, which comes from over a decade experience in martial arts and dance. My experience as a photographer and understanding of shapes allow me to design the poses and expression to best translate on camera. My best work tends to be for well thought out, strong concepts in a true collaborative model where all members are welcome to contribute. I have an analytical thought process and I have been appreciated for the ideas I bring to the team.

What I am looking for
Projects with well crafted concepts with skilled and dedicated collaborators in an environment where ideas are welcomed and all members are respected.

I would love to connect with like minded creatives to discuss ideas and grow together. Please use the Contact page to connect.
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